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Want your Kids to Achieve, Vote for Steve!



In order to have academic success in our school system, no student or school can be left behind. I believe we must bridge the achievement gap for minority and special education students. We will bridge the achievement gap through parental engagement, and individualized education plans focused on the student's needs. We will focus on programs that free teachers to teach to the specific needs of their classrooms. Finally, we will reform our student discipline and family life education programs so that every student, no matter their color, sex, or disability, will be treated fairly.

I believe as a school system; we must educate our students on the multiple pathways to success, such as college preparation, career, and technical education, apprenticeships, and military service. I pledge to strengthen academic excellence by championing and enhancing these multiple pathways to a good-paying job.


I believe parents are the primary educators of their children, and the Mount Vernon District deserves a school board member who will represent and listen to parents.  Unfortunately, the current school board has failed to listen to parents, especially on controversial issues such as sex education, transgender bathrooms, and the ongoing discussion of school boundaries. I pledge to give power back to the parent by being their voice on the school board.


The current FLE is at odds with the stated goals of Virginia's Family Life Education program to promote abstinence, the benefits of waiting until marriage, and the benefits of adoption among other traditional family values. We need a Family Life Education program that both aligns with Virginia's Family Life Education program and respects the faith and values of our community.  As a result, I pledge to reform FCPS' FLE program though the equity lense of the Success Sequence. 

What is the Success Sequence?

If a student graduates from high school gets a full-time job, gets married, then have kids, they are 70% more likely to go from poverty to the middle class. To learn more go HERE



A good steward or manager is wise with other people's money. As a result, I pledge to wisely spend your money on the issues that matter most to you, the parents, teachers, and community members of the Mount Vernon District. I will prioritize our funds on appreciating and fairly compensating teachers for a job well done.  I will also focus our funds on the most pressing needs within the Mount Vernon District.



67% of African Americans and 73 % of Hispanic parents approve of school choice and charter schools.  School Choice would give parents more schools to choose from and would help Bridge the Achievement Gap.  School Choice would also help alleviate overcrowding schools.  Unfortunately, this school board is not interested in School Choice. This School Board wants to change boundary lines, which will have a negative impact on homeowners and will not help “Bridge the Achievement Gap. So this November let’s change the Board, not the boundariesIf elected, I pledge to support and approve the creation of Charter Schools in Fairfax County, which will help bridge the achievement gap and alleviate the overcrowding of schools.